High Quality IVF Center in Israel – The Affordable Solution for Overseas Patients
  • Need IVF? Want to Visit Israel?

    Combine the two with us. World class IVF treatment during your visit to Israel.

    • World leader in IVF treatment
    • Results rival top US clinics
    • One third the cost compared to US
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  • Glamour Magazine Writes About Us

    How far would you go to have a baby? Our clinic is mentioned as a prominent destination for fertility related medical tourism from the US.

    The best guy is Dr. Kol, and here is his e-mail address.
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  • IVF Can Be Affordable

    Overall price of treatment in our clinic, including medications, travel and lodging is significantly lower than in the US.

    $6000 USD full IVF treatment including medications
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  • Dr. Kol - Your Personal Doctor

    From the first introductory Skype session to embryo transfer, Dr. Kol will be responsible for your treatment.

    • Over 100 Publications in Scientific Journals
    • 17 Years of IVF Experience
    • Thousands of Successful IVF Procedures
    • Prominent Figure in Global IVF Research
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    Dr. Kol will personally answer your questions about treatment in Israel using a free Skype video call.

    • Free of charge
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    • From the comfort of your home
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Israel is number one in IVF treatments globally

Israel performs the largest number of IVF cycles per capita in the world. We have the experience and expertise to treat you.

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With unbeatable success rates and an affordable, competitive price, IVF treatment in Israel enjoys popularity and prestige among overseas patients. Learn more on how to make this life changing trip a reality. Read more

What Is IVF

In-Vitro-Fertilization is a cutting-edge medical process aimed at solving infertility disorders. The treatment involves egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer into the uterus. Learn more about this incredible process. Read more

The Clinic

Our program was initiated in 1996 as the first private IVF program in Northern Israel, and soon became the largest program in the area. Read in detail about services provided and our impressive success rates. Read more

Our Prices

One of the key features attracting patients from the US and Europe to IVF treatment in Israel is the competitive low cost, even when factoring in travel and lodging expenses. Review our detailed price list. Read more

About Us

Dr. Shahar Kol, our leading specialist, is a Board certified Ob/Gyn, practicing IVF since 1995. View the complete list of peer-reviewed publications establishing Dr. Kol as a prominent researcher in the field. Read more

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact the IVF clinic or Dr. Kol directly. We will gladly answer any questions regarding IVF treatment or any other aspect of our services. Attending to our clients' needs is our top priority. Read more

Egg Donation

Affordable high quality egg donation program by an Israeli team in Kiev, Ukraine. Success rates competing with top US clinics at a fraction of the price. Get a free consultation today. Read more

IVF at Israel

With unbeatable success rates and an affordable, competitive price, IVF treatment in Israel enjoys popularity and prestige among overseas patients.