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Be Our Guest

Overseas patients choose Israel in order to enjoy treatment of the highest quality, with success rates among the highest in the world. Since treatment price, even after factoring in traveling and lodging, is still considerably lower than domestic costs, Israel becomes a very worthwhile alternative. Glamour Magazine dedicated a cover story on this sort of "medical tourism", where our unit is mentioned. Read in full. (link: Glamour.pdf)

This section concentrates on the non-medical aspects of your visit. Learn about comfortable accommodations for the 2 to 3 week stay involved. Consider the special deal offered by the luxurious Elisha Towers, located near the clinic, or choose from the many other fabulous hotels of Haifa.

Please visit our webpage at Patients Beyond Borders. (link: http://www.patientsbeyondborders.com/hospital/ivf-haifa)

Elisha Towers

(link: eelisha.htm)

IVF patients enjoy a discount deal at the luxurious Elisha Towers. Adjacent to the IVF clinic in Elisha Hospital, these accommodations present an outstanding offer in both convenience and price.

Success Stories

(link: estories.htm)

Presented are several success stories of real-life cases, involving patients from the United States of America, Ukraine and Ecuador. All underwent treatment in our unit recently.

Hotels In Haifa

(link: ehotels.htm)

Provided is a list of some of top hotels in the city of Haifa. All hotels are located in the vicinity of our clinic, and provide a good means of accommodation during the treatment.