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Success Stories

 Anna and Michael T:

The Lord acts in mysterious ways. Anna T, a woman who underwent surgical sterilization (bilateral tubal ligation) met Michael, who had had a vasectomy. After falling in love and getting married, the couple decided they want to have children. Obviously, the way to go was with IVF. From the heartland of midwest America they searched the Internet and found ivf.co.il. The combination of high quality treatment, reasonable prices, and the good air of the Holy-land was tempting indeed. Treatment here consisted of testicular sperm extraction (TESE) combined with IVF and ICSI. A successful pregnancy followed embryo transfer, and a beautiful baby girl joined the world some 9 months later. Frozen sperm and embryos are still waiting in our unit, should the couple decide to have more children.

Melissa and Jeff R:

Melissa moved temporarily from the US to Israel because of her husband’s work. Back in the US they had their fertility tests and treatments, but no success. Melissa decided to use her free time in Israel, and continue treatment. After a quick Google search she contacted Dr. Kol. Initial consultation led to IVF treatment at “IVF Haifa”. Here is what Melissa has to say:

In contrast to the US, here I always had direct and immediate contact with the doctor, either by email or phone. I always had prompt and complete answers to my questions. The doctor had full responsibility for my case, for example: he performed himself, hands on, ALL ultrasound scans, a fact that contributed to my confidence that we will succeed. Of course, the doctor performed all other procedures: egg retrieval and embryo transfer, with an English speaking support team (nurses, embryologists). Now, I am pregnant with twins (2 boys!!!), and due early 2011. To sum-up: in IVF Haifa I got a great quality, personalized, medical care for only a fraction of the US cost.

Rachel and David E:

In the other end of the world, Ecuador, Rachel and David E, a Jewish couple, had many fertility treatments that failed completely. Since they planned to visit family in Israel, they sought to combine the visit with an IVF treatment here. The family visit was a big success as IVF treatment in our unit resulted in a twin pregnancy. Back in their country, the pregnancy ended in birth of two lovely baby girls.

Natalya and Yuri S:

Yuri S, A young man in Ukraine was diagnosed with azoospermia. The indicated treatment is testicular sperm extraction (TESE) combined with IVF and ICSI. The man and his wife, Natalya, had 3 previous IVF attempts elsewhere. Being a high-responder, Natalya suffered severe ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) after each of these attempts. Each time she was hospitalized, and pregnancy was not achieved. After searching the Internet they found our unit, where specific treatment is available to completely prevent OHSS. Treatment here consisted of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation with GnRH agonist as trigger of ovulation. The man underwent TESE, which yielded motile sperm. IVF and ICSI followed by embryo transfer resulted in pregnancy. More embryos were frozen. Natalya had no signs or symptoms of OHSS and returned to her home shortly after embryo transfer. About 9 months later a baby boy was born. Two years later the couple came for a thaw cycle, in which 3 embryos were transferred to the uterus, resulting in a twin pregnancy. About 8 months later, two beautiful baby girls were born.

IVF at Israel

With unbeatable success rates and an affordable, competitive price, IVF treatment in Israel enjoys popularity and prestige among overseas patients.