High Quality IVF Center in Israel – The Affordable Solution for Overseas Patients

Price Difference Rationale

The notion of widely available IVF and fertility services is evident by government regulation in Israel. IVF is not regarded as a luxury, restricted to the financially able, but made available to all citizens and is fully reimbursed by Israeli social health insurance. Relative to other countries (i.e. United States), the amount of red tape bureaucracy in Israeli IVF units is considerably lower. This enables us to keep our non-medical staff at an efficient minimum, keeping our organizational focus on providing top medical care to our patients.

In addition, the living cost in Israel is lower in comparison to Europe and the United States. The strength of the US dollar relative to Israeli currency also translates into lower dollar-quoted prices. As the average salaries are lower, facilities and lab material less expensive, we are able to minimize costs and charge less accordingly.

Glamour Magazine dedicated a cover story on the issue of “medical tourism” of American couples seeking fertility treatment overseas since they cannot afford the cost of IVF treatment in the US. Our IVF clinic was noted in the article as a preferred destination for American couples. Read the full article.

Minimize Costs Further

  • Your stay in Israel may be reduced by about 10 days (from 3 to 4 weeks originally). This can be achieved by starting the first week of ovarian stimulation at home. Our specialists will prescribe the stimulation protocol which can be given by your local Ob/Gyn. Note that this process should be fully coordinated with our clinic prior to your visit.
  • If your male spouse or partner is restricted from traveling due to occupational obligations, the female spouse or partner may stay in Israel alone as our clinic is equipped to receive frozen sperm from the male partner, located across the globe. Contact us for more information.
  • Most medical insurances cover fertility medications but not IVF treatment. Before coming, consult our specialists and bring medications with you.
  • Medical insurances cover routine lab work needed in the preliminary stages before IVF. These include for both partners: HIV, HBsAg, HCV; for female partner only: CBC, PT, PTT, VDRL, BUN, K, Na, Glucose, Rubella. These tests can be conducted at home, while the results are assessed prior to your travel.

IVF at Israel

With unbeatable success rates and an affordable, competitive price, IVF treatment in Israel enjoys popularity and prestige among overseas patients.