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  • IUI: Intrauterine insemination. Sperm are specially prepared and inserted into the cavity of the uterus after ovulation induction. Useful for treating unexplained infertility or mild decreases in the sperm count.
  • IVF: In vitro fertilization. The eggs are obtained from the ovaries and are then fertilized at the laboratory. Conventionally the embryos are transferred to the uterus, but if the fallopian tubes are normal they can be transferred to the tubes (i.e. ZIFT). The chance of pregnancy is up to about 30% per cycle of treatment.
  • ET: Embryo transfer. Unless otherwise qualified, refers to transfer of embryos through the vagina and cervix; into the uterus.
  • Blastocyst: The first stage in which embryo differentiation is observed, is the blastocyst stage. Embryos reach that stage 5-6 days after egg retrieval. In “natural pregnancy” the embryo reaches the uterus at this stage. In some cases (e.g patients after repeated IVF failure), up to the blastocyst stage culture should be considered. This option is available at IVF Haifa.
  • Cryo-ET: Cryostored-embryo-transfer. Transfer of embryos that have been derived in a previous IVF cycle and stored frozen, in liquid nitrogen.
  • ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm insertion. A type of IVF in which single sperm cells are inserted into the soft center of the egg using special micromanipulation equipment. A treatment for extremely low sperm counts. Can be used with male microsurgery in cases of complete absence of sperm when there is an obstruction or, in more and more cases, when there is a “maturation arrest” within the testicles. Pregnancy rates are the same as for IVF.
  • Hatching: Cutting a “hole” in the “zona pellucida”, from which the embryo will hatch after being transferred to the uterus. This procedure is considered for embryos with thick “zonas”, or for patients around 40 years of age. Hatching is available at IVF Haifa.
  • MESA: Microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration. Obtaining immature sperm cells from the epididymis (which joins the testicle to the vas), in cases where obstruction in the genital tract leads to absence of sperm in the ejaculate. The recovered sperm can be used for ICSI, either immediately or after cryostorage.
  • TESA: Testicular sperm aspiration is a surgical procedure to obtain sperm from within the testicular tissue in azoospermic patients. Both MESA and TESA are available at IVF Haifa.

IVF at Israel

With unbeatable success rates and an affordable, competitive price, IVF treatment in Israel enjoys popularity and prestige among overseas patients.