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Not many of the abnormalities described in previous chapters can be treated easily. Furthermore, the more of these abnormalities that exist together the harder it is to use effective treatment that does not disrupt other aspects of reproduction. Sometimes no abnormality is obvious: “unexplained infertility”: it’s a form of relative infertility.

Some causes of infertility can be overcome with simple drugs or with an operation by your infertility specialist. The aim of this treatment is to return your chance of getting pregnant to a more normal level: time will still be needed for chance to have its way. In general, the more significant the cause detected and treated (provided it can be treated) the better the chance will be of getting pregnant naturally.

Otherwise assisted conception is needed. Assisted conception means using reproductive technology to considerably increase the chance of pregnancy in the month it’s carried out. IVF is based on ovarian stimulation to increase the number of eggs produces in a given cycle, retrieving the eggs from the ovaries and culturing eggs and sperm together in a special dish. Two to five days later the embryos obtained are transferred to the uterus.


IVF at Israel

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